About Us

ROCKPORT – Mr. Wat Sushi & Noodles at 106 Commercial Street in Rockport opened its doors in 2012. As of Friday, September 15, Tomi Sushi and Noodle Bar will replace Mr. Wats’, which is being sold to Mr. Wat’s brother Vee Aramthip, from Boston.

Mr. Wat said the decision to sell was health-related. Standing on his feet for long hours finally got to him, he said.

Vee Aramthip said they are just waiting on a health inspection to open.”

Basically it will be the same restaurant,” said Vee. “Mr. Wat taught me. He was my sushi master. I’ll change things a little bit, but basically it will be the same look and style. Mostly it will be the same things on the menu.”

For five years, Mr. Wat’s restaurant has prospered and attributes its success to a loyal base of local customers to help the business thrive. It serves up a good mix of fresh sushi and prepared dishes for the lunch and dinner crowds. The dishes are Thai-themed, with some Japanese dishes thrown in for good measure.

Vee is the younger brother to Mr. Wat. There are four sisters and two brothers that make up the family.

“I worked in Boston for long time and worked with Mr. Watt when he had a sushi bar in Rockland,” said Vee. “And then I went back to Boston. He said he wanted to take it easy for a while so I said I would come help him and we decided that maybe I would just take it over.”

Tomi means fortune and wealth in Japanese. Vee said it was his daughter who came up with the name; meaning she hopes the restaurant brings them good money.

Vee said the hours will stay basically the same except he would like to open a little bit earlier for lunch, 11:30 a,m. instead of noon, to capture a bigger share of the lunch crowd.

Vee’s wife, Ann, will help in the kitchen, as well as his wife’s brother and two friends from Boston.

Tomi’s is looking forward to serving all of Mr. Wat’s customers and new ones with superb Thai and Japanese foods.